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"Where your soul and sprit will fly
Where the curly wave bring you joy."

God is Omni present in every single atom of creation but some special places like SRIKHETRA (JAGANNATH DHAAM widely known as Puri) have been blessed and surcharged with spiritual power by divine activities. According to Rig-Veda Puri (PURUSTOM DHAM ) means the place where the creator deity of the world- supreme divinity defied on the alter was venerated near the coast and fairs offered with Vedic hymns. It’s Historic Antiquity, Religious Sanctuaries, Architectural Grandeur, SeaScape beauty, moderate climate, and spiritual significance drives a numbers of visitors here every year. This Historic heritage dating back to 3rd Century B.C. is not only welcome pilgrims but also attract fun seekers enthusiast due to existence of many Amazing tourist places nearby.
rathyatra chandanyatra sunabesa